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Write Your Story

Write Your Story.
Rev. Jaron S. Green

Everyday there are thousands of people who put pen to paper, writing the stories you read, writing the script we watch, writing the commercial, scripting the fashion show, scripting the video we entertain ourselves with. The power of their pen entertains us, and controls the way we feel, whether we will be happy, sad, enlightened, frightened, or bored during the course of our day or weekend. If you don’t believe me, just think a few years back to the Writers Strike.  Men and women united in the Writers Guild of America, the East and West divisions, and nearly shut down television – leaving the public to watch re-runs, or poorly written sketches of our favorite shows.  All 12,000 screenwriters and TV writers in the guild were part of the strike which started on November 5, 2007, and concluded on February 12, 2008.  There are thousands more united in the National Writers Union – freelance writers who make money putting pen to paper and recording their thoughts and opinions.  And as the world reads, our opinions are formed based on someone else’s words.

I wouldn’t have a problem with that fact of life – if for a moment I believed that everything they were writing was the TRUTH. There is POWER in words. I learned early not to believe everything I see – but a better lesson is NOT to believe everything you READ… unless it’s the Word of God.
Somebody, right now, is writing a story about you. It’s a story based off of interpretations and perspectives.  It’s a story based off of someone else’s experience with somebody like you. It’s a story full of prejudice and bias. But you don’t even realize or have sense enough to recognize that the story is about YOU. Why? Because many haven’t taken time out to READ anybody’s book, article, or blog that didn’t pictures or illustrations.  For example, somebody, right now, is writing that a group of 3rd and 4th graders in urban areas will be the future population of prison inmates in a state penitentiary based solely upon how they score on culturally biased Standardized tests.
But my quest is not to stop others from writing. My question is – Why aren’t you writing? Who is writing your story? Who’s telling on you? Who’s making me believe that you are less than what you are? Or who’s standing up and defending your name, reputation and character? Are you writing?


We have every tool we need to write the story of our own life. Everyday you live, everyday you breathe, you have a chance to write the story of a lifetime – not only with pen and paper, but with action and deed. With speech and conduct, your life is a story, an example, of what GOD can do when you trust him. Stop using the words everyone else has placed in your head, or placed on you. The world will call you many things. They will call you names… they will call a liar, good for nothing, a failure, a loser, a nobody. But when you write the story of your life, use the WORDS, yes the WORD that God gave you. The Bible says, “In the beginning the Word already existed… The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

In 2008, my younger brother penned this poem, a spoken word piece, at my request.

Why do I Write?

By Knott Johnson (Terrell Robinson © 2008)

I write for freedom, I write for peace

I write for pleasure, I write for me

I write for anger, I write for grief

I write to release my animosity

I write for what was, I write for what I see

I write in hope of what I expect to be

So, why do I write?

Because I can’t stop writing

I can’t stop, and I won’t stop writing

Even if the ball on my pen began to dribble

And I was ballin!

I won’t stop writing

Even if my pen was unconscious and the ink began to bleed

And I had to perform CPR Just to retrieve,

I won’t stop writing

And if I was sweating in a blizzard and my hands began to burn

So I went and sat next to a fireplace and my brain began to freeze

And reality ceased to make sense

I’m not go-ing to stop write-ing

You see writing is my purpose

My perfectly patterned passion

Even if the price of ink inflated

And the price surpassed four dollars a gallon

Four dollars a gallon…

Have you seen the price of gas these days?

What’s the world coming to?

Now that might stop me from driving

But it will not stop me from writing.

All the pens in the world can cease to exist and I can be lost for words

I’d run and take a feather from the nearest bird

And use the sweat and dirt and blood from my skin

Just so I can write again!

I can’t stop writing

I…I won’t stop writing it’s my calling

 So as I hieroglyphically inscribe my name in that Lamb’s book of life

With pen and paper in the sky

God be ready when I die … So I can Write!

…Now what’s your purpose?!

Terrell Robinson (Knott Johnson), Poet, global finance professional, international traveler.
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